Cinematic Dramatic 4×19 – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Pub Discussion

The Dramatics begin 2013 in the pub where they catch up on their recent viewings.

On the menu, as well as the food, is Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-Earth with The Hobbit. Is Bilbo’s adventure off to a grand start? Is 48FPS the right viewing option? The prequel trilogy begins here.

Moving along Ang Lee’s adaptation of Life of Pi (in 3D) is also on the agenda. Has Lee returned to his acclaimed ways or does Richard Parker sink the boat?

Also catching up with the recent releases Iain takes on Jack Reacher, despite Tom Cruise’s casting – is there a good film to take away? The Genre-Giant deliberates.

Finally, The Dramatics cast their minds back to 2012 and pick out the movie nuggets that they found.

Please note while Cinematic Dramatic tries to deliver the best audio possible, the quality will differ on this episode due to the live recording of the episode. Enjoy!