Cinematic Dramatic 4×25 – The 100th Disappointing Episode

The Dramatics have done it! 100 episodes of Cinematic Dramatic! Or episode 4×25! Someone get the party poppers!

So why is it so disappointing? Is it because there’s no cake? Is it because there’s no balloons? Or has Iain really spoilt the mood by playing some Seagal hits?

No. Quite frankly, the movies on offer are not particularly ones to celebrate an 100th episode. First up, James Franco tells us all about his s**t in Spring Breakers – constantly. You know, in case you haven’t seen all his s**t. In the firing line next is Tom Cruise and Oblivion, a film so needy to be required sci-fi it will tick ALL THE BOXES! At least we can find comfort in the film’s smaller things. But some movie solace in the episode can be claimed by Danny Boyle and Trance, happy viewing times indeed are abound with the twisting mind heist thriller.

What We’ve Watched sees a mix of new and old releases get discussed including Olympus Has Fallen and the world’s greatest action sequel – G.I. Joe: Retaliation! Okay, Iain lied on that one.

Here’s to another 100….and the many movies they have to endure and enjoy!

As discussed in this episode M83 had some “fun” scoring Oblivion, to read of his somewhat sour plight click here. Feedback is welcomed!